1. TommyKay

    Is there any tax involved in crowdfunding? If a person want to put up a shop, can he collect capital from crowd, as a loan at 1-20% interest or promise to pay 60% profit for a limited time.
    Want kind of permission does he have to take?

    Posted on May 2, 2013
  2. Sir fliesalot

    I’m 29 and have always worked hard and was healthy.I was put out of work due to work injury in 2009 and company has denied injury. I am on SSDI due to my work injury and the company is fighting me on the work comp injury etc. I know I can’t work full time anymore and I can’t give up my disability because I have already lost most of my income. I want to do something but am still waiting on trial judges decision I can’t go get a job because too many restrictions and have to be cleared by doc plus my credit is shot. What would you do would you try and take voc rehab and work out of the house or should I try to start a business. I know I’m not going to be able to work someplace again and would like to make it big.

    Posted on May 2, 2013
  3. kass9191

    I currently have a self-help-in-middle-age crowdfunding project whose goals are to help myself rebound from 24 months of unemployment (I was a radio professional for almost forty years) by paying-off a stupid finance company loan balance of $1.900 loan;Collect my soul/teammate from overseas in Eastern Europe, close on a house i am close to “1st-time-home-buying for she and me; build/install my i-net radio/voice-over/English education business and set things up for future relocation from the lame city (for me) I’ve been stuck in for ten years with a new job offer so we can build our life together in SF or near NYC.
    Our goal is only seven-thousand dollars. We have a great, inspiring story, but with 1,000 views on the project page and video have only raised just over $2,100 with about twenty-three days left. We feel since the minimum donation/pledge is $10.00, if every one of those people just pledged ten bucks, we’d have already exceeded our goal!
    SO: In order to get it in-front of the right eyes and ears, given what I’ve told you, do you know of any newsletters, groups, travel funders, blogs, forums, magazines, contests, mailing lists or news organizations that deal with our above goals who we can target with our link or to have it featured, please.
    Note: please no snarly, mean-spirited, sarcastic, hurtful or bigoted answers. The WILL be flagged. It is unnecessary. Just helpful suggestions and questions for more information please. many Thanks!

    Posted on April 24, 2013

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